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Client Story: Create Obstacles for Creditors

One of our clients, a very wealthy individual from the Middle East with diplomatic immunity was, to put it mildly, a delinquent. While diplomatic immunity protected him from criminal charges, he discovered, to his chagrin, that the protection did not extend to civil charges.  Following a weekend more

Client Story: Protection from Lawsuits

Wes Gate is a California real estate attorney in his early 60’s and was about two years away from retirement.  He mishandled a client’s case (on a large deal) and was sued by the client for malpractice. Further review showed that he had made the same irreparable mistake with about 30 client more

Client Story: Auto Accident Leaves Home at Risk

A few years ago a client of ours, Simon Thorn, got into an auto accident. Mr. Thorn, who was 75 years old at the time, was making a legal left turn at a light. He did not notice a motorcyclist in an oncoming lane, who skirted traffic on the far-right side to beat the red light.

The more

Client Story: Protecting the Family Business

Costas Anastas owned a successful family restaurant for 22 years. Most of his staff had been with him almost as long. Costas needed more help so he hired a new employee. After a year, the new employee filed a lawsuit against Costas and the restaurant for not properly documenting and paying out more

How to Plan for the Possible Repeal of the Estate Tax

The White House appears committed to tax reform, but currently, the details of the reform are being negotiated and are subject to potentially dramatic changes. With the estate tax slated for the chopping block, owners of large estates are left with uncertainty about what the estate tax might more

Client Story: Creative Restructuring Saves Business

Our client, Mr. Thomas Stone, imported and distributed auto parts in the US. He owned and operated this businesse for over 15 years and was ready to expand. Mr. Stone entered into partnership with a Chinese supplier, took out a business loan and expanded operations.

Unfortunately, Stone’ more

The Three Best Asset Protection Structures

We regularly use about two dozen different structures to protect our clients’ assets on a world-wide basis. The structure we use depends on how well a client would like to protect his assets, how aggressive the creditors will be, and the specific assets that need to be protected. When we dug more

The $10 Million Street Race: A Lesson in Asset Protection

Marnie and Lane came to us with a parent’s second-worst nightmare. Their 16-year-old son, Lane Jr., was involved in an illegal street race. Junior’s car collided with a competitor. Junior sustained minor injuries, while the other driver suffered significant injuries.

The family of the other more

Matt v. FTC: How an Offshore Structure Protected Our Client

A client of ours, Matt, had a very successful website that was politically unpopular and attracted the attention of several high-level politicians. The politicians pressured for an FTC (Federal Trade Commission) investigation.

Like many government agencies, FTC firmly believes that if it more

Thanks, Mommy!

Jean was a loving mom, and of course that became her downfall. She was 72 years old when her son decided to become a real estate developer. He had perfected the art of sitting on the sofa and watching house flipping shows, and was ready for the big leagues. One problem – he had no assets and more

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