The Three Best Asset Protection Structures

We regularly use about two dozen different structures to protect our clients’ assets on a world-wide basis. The structure we use depends on how well a client would like to protect his assets, how aggressive the creditors will be, and the specific assets that need to be protected. When we dug more

The $10 Million Street Race: A Lesson in Asset Protection

Marnie and Lane came to us with a parent’s second-worst nightmare. Their 16-year-old son, Lane Jr., was involved in an illegal street race. Junior’s car collided with a competitor. Junior sustained minor injuries, while the other driver suffered significant injuries.

The family of the other more

Matt v. FTC: How an Offshore Structure Protected Our Client

A client of ours, Matt, had a very successful website that was politically unpopular and attracted the attention of several high-level politicians. The politicians pressured for an FTC (Federal Trade Commission) investigation.

Like many government agencies, FTC firmly believes that if it more

Thanks, Mommy!

Jean was a loving mom, and of course that became her downfall. She was 72 years old when her son decided to become a real estate developer. He had perfected the art of sitting on the sofa and watching house flipping shows, and was ready for the big leagues. One problem – he had no assets and more

It’s Fire Bug Season

Our clients, Tim and Linda, were retired union workers with a small vacation property in the California mountains. They spent a few months each year away from the big city, enjoying their second home and the serenity of nature.  The serenity ended rather abruptly, when Tim accidentally started more

Client Anecdotes-The Octogenarian versus the Tree

Below is a recent client anecdote from our asset protection practice, that you may find amusing and educational. 

You know that with a title like that, the octogenarian loses. My client, Agnes, was a 97-year old woman, who has held a driver’s license for over 70 years and was involved in more

Introduction to Asset Protection

There are a lot of people who have amassed a considerable amount of money during their life. Whether it is from a family inheritance, owning a successful company, having a high paying job, been fortunate with their personal investments, etc. Irrespective of how they have accrued their wealth it more

The Growing Cannabis Industry

Jacob Stein has just wrapped up moderating a nationwide panel presentation on Cannabis Law. More than 500 lawyers across the country listened to the presentation (presented by the Rossdale Group), and the presentation is scheduled to run several more times this year.  Speakers more

Cook Island Trusts



For more than 30 years now, the Cook Islands has been leading the way in providing a trust regime which offers excellent asset protection features with all the flexibility of an English style common law trust.

The asset more

Asset Protection Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners usually work around the clock, building something tangible out of an idea, and performing an intricate juggling act, hoping to keep all their balls in the air.

One area that should never be left to chance is protecting the business from possible claims and lawsuits. more

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