The Unlucky Orange County Surgeon

Dr. Bates was a moderately successful surgeon in private practice in Orange County. He had the misfortune of allying his practice with several surgery centers that were later proven to be engaging in fraud and financial crimes. While Dr. Bates had no knowledge of the side activities of these surgical centers, he was prosecuted by both the federal government and the State of California for his alleged involvement.

Both the federal government and the State of California are formidable creditors with extensive collection powers. Dr. Bates, who was 62, had only two assets, his medical practice and a home with approximately $2 million of equity. He had no other assets available for retirement.

Dr. Bates was fearful that if somehow he was convicted in the prosecution he would lose all of his assets and also his ability to practice medicine. Convinced that Dr. Bates was being unfairly targeted we agreed to help him. Through a proprietary technique that we cannot disclose here, we ensured that Dr. Bates' assets were beyond the reach of the federal government and the State of California. Relieved, Dr. Bates regained his ability to sleep at night.

The prosecution lasted two years, and eventually the case against Dr. Bates was dropped, with both the federal government and the State of California admitting that he had no knowledge of the illegal activities of the surgical centers.

Sometimes asset protection planning means planning for the worst case scenario. Our clients hope that they will never have to use the structures we implement for them. That is what happened to Dr. Bates, but in the meantime, he was very grateful that we were able to put his mind at ease.