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Multinationals Say Goodbye to the Irish Double and Irish Double with Dutch Sandwich

The ‘Irish Double’ and the ‘Irish Double with a Dutch Sandwich’ tax loopholes have provided companies like Google and other big-name players registered in Ireland with a very effective international tax strategy. Due to increasing pressure from the EU and the United States, Ireland has released more

China and Foreign Investment - China To Open More Sectors

On November 5, 2014, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released a draft on the latest revision of restrictions placed on foreign investors looking to participate in China’s market. The most recent revision includes an increase in the number of industries open to more

The U.S. and Canada - Using Foreign Pension Funds in Public Works

Our neighbors to the North may have found a way to accomplish some U.S. tax reform. Canada is offering the U.S. the opportunity to gain much needed investment for public works such as U.S. freeways and bridges by using Canadian pension funds. The condition is – drop the 10% tax tagged more

The Basic Principles of Asset Protection

We spend so much time dealing with the technicalities and the nitty-gritty of Asset Protection that sometimes we forget about the basic principles.

1. Asset Protection is Contextual: There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy in asset protection. In other words, an asset protection plan that more

Burger King - Latest to Join the Corporate Inversion Game

The subject of U.S. corporate inversions continues to be a source of concern (or panic – depending on which side of the fence you are on) and has even had the President using words like ‘unpatriotic’ and ‘tax loophole.’

Congressmen are rallying for new laws to stop or penalize corporations more

De-Offshoring - Russia Proposes New Tax Laws

Russia is no stranger to the ever-pervasive problem of tax avoidance and evasion and it is implementing a series of proposals to curb both. A new program, said to go into effect next year, has been dubbed “De-Offshoring of the economy,” and was introduced by Putin at the end of 2013.

A list more

Five Important Points for Asset Protection Planning in Business

Asset protection is a very important step in business planning. With a strategic businessand tax structure, a succession or exit plan, and a strong Asset Protection plan, a business has a solid chance of protecting its investments and profits from potential claims or creditors.
Here is what more

Government Cracks Down on Company Inversion

In a press conference held last week,  President Obama announced that Washington will be proposing new laws to discourage the growing practice of US companies re-domiciling to countries with lower corporate taxes. The President has called Corporate or Tax Inversion – the practice of relocating more

U.S. and China - FATCA Agreement

The US government has signed a Foreign Account Tax Compliance Agreement (FATCA) with almost 100 jurisdictions around the world. FATCA, which went into the effect on July 1, 2014, requires that all worldwide banking and financial institutions report US account holders with account balances more

7 Reasons to Revisit Your Estate Plan

Many believe that setting up an estate plan is all there is to estate planning. This is incorrect, and potentially disastrous.  Estate plans need to be updated if certain life changes occur, and if there are no life changes, every three to four years. By leaving an estate plan stagnant, more

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