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Introduction to Asset Protection

There are a lot of people who have amassed a considerable amount of money during their life. Whether it is from a family inheritance, owning a successful company, having a high paying job, been fortunate with their personal investments, etc. Irrespective of how they have accrued their wealth it more

The Growing Cannabis Industry

Jacob Stein has just wrapped up moderating a nationwide panel presentation on Cannabis Law. More than 500 lawyers across the country listened to the presentation (presented by the Rossdale Group), and the presentation is scheduled to run several more times this year.  Speakers more

Cook Island Trusts



For more than 30 years now, the Cook Islands has been leading the way in providing a trust regime which offers excellent asset protection features with all the flexibility of an English style common law trust.

The asset more

Asset Protection Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners usually work around the clock, building something tangible out of an idea, and performing an intricate juggling act, hoping to keep all their balls in the air.

One area that should never be left to chance is protecting the business from possible claims and lawsuits. more

Trump’s Election Sends Wealth Offshore

Donald Trump's successful campaign clinched him the presidency, but his 'America First' foreign policy has raised concerns in the global community and among the affluent Americans discouraging investors from keeping their wealth in the U.S.  It is not unusual for governments with a nationalist more

Brexit: Tax Changes and Effects

It happened – the UK voted to LEAVE the EU. Stock markets dipped; social media is packed with opinions. Most importantly, what happens to EU/UK taxation?  It is too early to tell what will really happen as a result of Brexit, but the transition will be bumpy at best. The blog will cover: more

Citizenship for Sale: Investment-Based-Immigration

Investment-based immigration or economy-based immigration is a mutually beneficial relationship for nations looking to generate a source of revenue, and investors interested in gaining citizenship.

For many people, international travel is a point of contention. The time, money and stress more

Could you be named in the Panama Papers?

Since the story on the Panama Papers broke, we have been receiving frantic calls and emails from people around the world worried about the legality of their offshore structures. Aliant, LLP adheres to the highest level of professional integrity with regular checks and balances to ensure that more

2016 Changes to UK Taxation

The United Kingdom has been quietly undergoing a tax revolution for the past few years. 
Few days ago, Chancellor George Osborne introduced, ‘The budget for the next generation.

According the BBC, starting April 2017, 600,000 small firms will not have top pay corporate taxes, and 250,000 will more

Presidential Elections - Tax-Mania 2016

The 2016 Presidential Election is gearing up and the battle for party winner is in full throttle. With philosophies ranging from the extreme right to the extreme left, 'TAX' might just be the topic that seperates the winners from the losers.

The blog gives an overview of the four top more

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