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Jacob Stein's asset protection blog provides up to the minute updates on various developments and subjects relevant to asset protection and commentary on recent cases and results.

The Bellinger Case - Offshore Asset Protection Trust Defeats Creditor's Claim
Posted: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 | Author: Jacob Stein

In a recent Federal court case (in the Southern District of Florida), a North Carolina bank attempted to reach the assets sequestered by a debtor in an offshore trust. The bank’s attempt was thwarted by the District Court. A limited liability company borrowed money from the bank, and the loan was guaranteed by the LLC’s members. The bank obtained a judgment against one of the members, Bellinger, for defaulting on the personal guaranty, to the tune of almost $5 million. After the lawsuit wa…


New Tax Laws Preempt Existing Trusts
Type: Video | Speaker: Robert Klueger

Congress today enacted the most sweeping change in the estate tax law in 29 years. The new law contains some good news for the very wealthy, but it also makes most estate plans obsolete. Everyone who has a living trust (family trust) should update it promptly.


Practical Primer and Radical Approach to Asset Protection
Publication: Estate Planning | Author: Jacob Stein

Jacob Stein's latest article puts a radical and new twist on asset protection planning. Taking an honest and practical approach, the article delves beyond mere legalities and explores how asset protection really works in practice.


Nevada Once Again Leads the Way in Debtor-Friendly Legislation
Published: March 28, 2011 | Author: Robert Klueger

We tend to forget this fact when we engage in asset protection planning. In fact, we repeatedly advise our clients that asset protection is not about hiding assets; it's about structuring the debtor's affairs so that even if a creditor learns of the existence of the debtor's assets, he cannot access the assets. An aggressive, well-heeled creditor will discover the nature and whereabouts of the debtor's assets. Armed with a judgment, the creditor has a right to call the debtor in for a debtor's…


CPA Association International Conference
Seminar Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 | Location: CPA Association - San Francisco | Speaker: Jacob Stein

Jacob Stein and Robert Klueger teach over 20 full-day and numerous 1-3 hour seminars a year on the subject of asset protection. Most of their seminars are continuing education programs for attorneys and accountants. Some are less technical presentations for clients. Most of the seminars are sponsored by third-party continuing education providers, including the California CPA Education Foundation, Lorman and National Business Institute. If you're interested in attending one of them, please contact either the education provider or Klueger & Stein, LLP.

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You will find us to be not only knowledgeable and confident, but also friendly and personable. We welcome your calls and emails.

Remember, it is never too late to plan. With our guidance, the entire process will be smooth, quick and painless. Maximum Asset Protection is our goal and we specialize in this area alone. Contact us, and we will help.


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We've compiled a long list of the most frequently asked questions on asset protection strategies, concerns and methods. This comprehensive list will give you a quick overview of what asset protection options may apply to you, as well as answer some basic questions on how the process works.

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